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As a business that has been built solely with helping parents in mind to make some extra money from selling their children’s belongings that are no longer of use to them. We have decided lets give something back to the children that need us the most.

This is why every month we have sworn to give 10% percent of all profits to a children’s charity of YOUR choice. This means we can help some of the best known and even unknown Children’s charity’s with some of the funding that they need to keep up their hard work in the community and making a difference to the children’s lives that need us the most.

We would ask you to send in your requests to with a brief description of how this charity has helped you or has been an influence in your life. Every month we will personal deliver our donations. This gives you as the Website users and loving parent a chance to give something back to those who need it the most.

All charity work and events will be uploaded onto our social media pages so you can see all the hard work we are going to put in over the upcoming years. Join us on our journey today!

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